Ongoing Company Legacy

For 32 years, Eugene O’Neill used his knowledge and expertise about nature to establish Springbrook Camp Outfitters into the thrill of the hunt experience that hunters seek. Over the past few years he has been passing that knowledge on to previous guide and new owner Tom Mersereau.

Born and raised in Tracy, New Brunswick, Tom is familiar with the area in and around including the wildlife and vegetation; tracks and trails; paths and paw prints, alike.

What We Offer

At Springbrook Camp Outfitters, hospitality is the core value that we hold true to offering. Here there are “No Strangers … Just Friends We Haven’t Met Yet”. Beyond that, we offer:

Springbrook Camp Outfitters is also recognized by the New Brunswick Department of Tourism as specializing in outfitting for black bear hunting; visit our entry in their directory by clicking here.

Where we are

Tom & Kathy Mersereau
Springbrook Camp Outfitters
80 Rankine Road
Tracy, NB E5L 1L4